N.I. Elevators

A local elevator company, taking the time to listen and
provide efficient, licensed and qualified technicians for all
your commercial and residential elevator needs.


Preventative Maintenance

-Basic and Full Service Contracts
-Volume discounts for multi-unit locations
-Detailed records of account history
-24-hour emergency service
-Instantaneous dispatching
New Installations
-Passenger and freight elevators, dumbwaiters
and specialty lifts
-Representing major manufacturers
-One year parts and labor warranty
-Non-proprietary controls
Safety Tests
-Free code compliance evaluations
-One and five year tests for A.N.S.I., state and
federal regulations
Upgrades ADA
-A.N.S.I. compliance and D.P.S. regulations
-Equipment conversion
-Firefighter’s service
-Cab renovation
-Complete upgrades
Consulting Services
-Experience with major manufacturers
-Practical solutions
-Objective advice


Full Maintenance Contract

This agreement includes maintenance
mentioned in the Oil & Grease contract, as well
as examining, adjusting and lubricating the
following equipment:
pump motor, hatch switches, hydraulic pump,
bearings, packing glands, valves, thrusts,
rotating elements, resistance tubes, leveling
units, controller parts, contacts, magnet
frames, indicator lamps, fuses, brushes,
windings, and coils.
We also agree to maintain the proper quantity
of hydraulic fluid, keep guide rails properly
lubricated, periodically examine safety devices,
furnish the proper lubricants, and maintain all
accessory equipment. This contract also includes
FREE 24/7 answering service for emergency
elevator calls.

Oil & Grease Maintenance

This agreement provides monthly preventative
maintenance, lubing and cleaning of basic
elevator equipment: machine, motor, controller,
elevator pit and machine room. Includes
lubrication of the bearing and guides, minor
adjustments, furnishing oil, grease, rope
preservatives and materials necessary to
lubricate equipment. This contract includes
FREE 24/7 answering service for emergency
elevator calls.


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Fax: 219-226-4047
E-mail: info@nielevators.com